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Residential Science Camps

1. Proposed Programme Details:

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2.Organization Details:

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3. Programme Co-ordinator Details:

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3. Host Organization Details:

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Upload Day wise Camp schedule in pdf format: *
Expected outcome from the Camp (Within 200 words): *

Relevance and importance of the camp in the context of the present day scenario (Within 100 words):*

Present activities and areas of operation of Host Organization (Within 100 words): *

Names of other organizations, if any, who have been approached for teaching / technical support: *

Names of other organizations, if any, who have been approached for sponsorship / financial support: *

Name & address of participating schools: *

2. Bank Details of Applicant Institution : *

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Branch *
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IFSC Code *
Account Type *
Any grant was received earlier from WBSCST/DSTBT during last five year *
mention purpose of grant, year and UC & SOE submitted or not *
Name and address of the authority who shall be responsible for submitting the UC, audited SOE of the grant, reports, photographs of the camp, if sanctioned: *

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