Department of Science & Technology
and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal

About Us

The Department of Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Govt. of West Bengal has created this online portal 'vigyansathi' to accept applications form suitable candidates under each running scheme of the Department and its parastatals. This will be the only mode of accepting applications henceforth and no other form of applications will be accepted unless otherwise mentioned. For application under any scheme a person must complete initial online registration (one time) with all relevant information. For some schemes the option of online tracking of the status and project management till completion will be enabled and the applicants are advised to go through the guidelines and terms of use as given for the specific schemes. Once completed the project investigator or the project coordinator is strictly instructed to upload the utilization certificate, statement of expenditure, final reports and all necessary information required within the given time so as to avoid permanent cancellation of his/ her registration and isolation of their institute from receiving any further grants.

This portal will also act as a database of all research works completed by different institutes funded by this Department, publications, patent, awards etc. achieved from such funded projects and information on all other science & technology aspects viz. seminars, conference, science camps, workshops, scholarships, awards, patents, geographical indication etc. which are supported by this Department and the Council. This is developed totally for the use of citizens from all spheres who are interested in the science & technology affairs of this Department. Therefore all are welcome to participate and help with novel ideas for sustainable development of our State through application of Science & Technology.