Department of Science & Technology
and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal

List of Application for Science Popularisation and Science Camp

Sl.No Programme Type Programme Title Proposed Program duration  Tentative Dates of the Programme Thrust Area Programme Location-District Name Programme Location-detail Address Name of the Institute/ Organisation Legal Status of the Institute/ Organisation Registration no. (NGO/ Trust) Registration Year (NGO/ Trust) Date of Memorandum of Association (NGO/ Trust) Date of Rules and Regulations (NGO/ Trust) Date of Last renewal receipt (NGO/ Trust) Total Estimated Budget (Rs) Grant expected from DSTBT (Rs) Organisation Own Contribution (Rs) Fund (Rs) Expected from Other Organization with Name Target Groups Expected Number of participants Expected Number of Resource Persons Bank Name of the Organisation Branch Name Account Holder Name Account Number Account Type (Savings/ Current) IFSC  PAN/ TAN No of the Organisation Earlier Grant received from DSTBT/ WBSCST in last three F. Y. (Yes/ No) Details / Order no. of earlier grant received from DSTBT/ WBSCST in last three Financial Years Programme Coordinator (PC) Name PC Designation PC Mobile No. PC e-mail id PC D.O.B Organising Department Pdf File of the full Proposal with signatures and all relevant documents uploaded (Yes/ No) >Authority Recommendation (for NGO & Trust) (Yes/ No) Related Documents provided (for NGO & Trust) (Yes/No) >Date of Evaluation Recommended by Committee (Yes/ No) Approved by the Competent Authority (Yes/ No) Approved Grant-in-Aid from DSTBT (Rs) GO No. GO date Fund transaction no. and date  Actual Programme holding date UC submission date Audited SoE submission date Report submission date Online Feedback (Yes/ No) Participants database in prescribed MS Excel Format (Yes/ No)